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maandag 18 april 2011

Stuff my friends build on the server

Well, the new server still isn't up yet, so I decided to write a new blog about the buildings my friends made.

This blog will probably consist of 3 Parts, since I've got quite some pictures and I don't want to post this huge blog (":

First of, here is a floating temple a fellow named Brumo build. It floats around, and well, is pretty epic :3

Enjoy some of the pictures (:

The best thing about this building is probably that it's build legit. yeah that right, it's legit!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. shit bro that's a rocking building you've got there

  2. My thought process by image:
    1) Nice, how's it floating?
    2) What are the green things?
    3) OH that's how it's floating!

    It'd be cool if it floated around the place, that'd be awesome.

    However, this has given me a bit of inspiration for my next building.

  3. Ahh that satisfying feeling of legit builds!
    Nice job!!!

  4. wow! im really impressed by your building makes mine look like childs play. great job!


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