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zondag 29 mei 2011

Japanese Temple

Allright, the server is up and running, and I've built quite a lot off things. So yeah, I've got enough content to write a few blogs. But I guess it would be nice by starting the series with the first base i built, a japanese temple. Check out these pictures!

Next post will be a dungeon i built!

zondag 8 mei 2011

Some more funny MineCraft pictures (:

Allright, I haven't updated my blog in quite a while now, and I'm sorry for that. It's just that I've been very busy!

Anyways, enjoy these pics (:

I think the last one is very cute actually :3

maandag 2 mei 2011

New server finally online!

Great news folks, the server is online!

And my first project will be building an small base, check out these pics (:

Looks pretty sweet eh? (:

woensdag 27 april 2011

Found an awesome seed!

Allright, we all know minecraft-seeds like gargamel. But today I found an awesome one. Found some pics, take a look (:

Looks pretty sweet eh? The seed name is Helios, check it out!

maandag 25 april 2011

Farmin around in MineCraft

Today I came to an shocking conclusion. Well, not really shocking. Just a conclusion mostly, but that's pretty special for me. Anyways, the point is, I've never made a farm before in MineCraft! I always got bread from friends of mine, and since making bread is an archievement now, I figured i'd set up a small farm and make some bread. And guess what, I did it :D

Just so you know though, this was build on my single player server (where I play on hard, hence, the moat and fences protecting my house) since the multiplayer server still isn't up yet. 

zaterdag 23 april 2011

Some awesome skins.

Bad news folks, since the new server still isn't up yet, and the old one hasn't been updated yet to the new version (1.5... I should write a blog about that!).

And for this exact reason I've decided to write different blog today, about skins. Yup, a blog with some great skins which you can use for your minecraft character. Enjoy!

A steampunk skin. Download it, use it, love it.

A lovely engineer skin

Mister creeper (:

I'm sorry I don't have any pics of the skins on the characters, but I really wanted to share this with you guys. I promise next time I'll show some pics (:

dinsdag 19 april 2011

Stuff my friends build on the server part 2.

I promised you guys, so here it is (:

All these buildings were build by Brumo, and no long text with this blog (":

Enjoy the pictures!

Don't forget to leave a comment!

maandag 18 april 2011

Stuff my friends build on the server

Well, the new server still isn't up yet, so I decided to write a new blog about the buildings my friends made.

This blog will probably consist of 3 Parts, since I've got quite some pictures and I don't want to post this huge blog (":

First of, here is a floating temple a fellow named Brumo build. It floats around, and well, is pretty epic :3

Enjoy some of the pictures (:

The best thing about this building is probably that it's build legit. yeah that right, it's legit!

zaterdag 16 april 2011


Remeber my last blog?

Well, I had more time to waste, so I decided to blow up some more. Me and my friends got ourselves some TNT, and decided to ravage our server once more. Here are some more pics, and I promise I'll write a nice blog tommorrow :3

The place where my maze used to be. Yep, it's a shame.

Remeber to leave a comment below!

dinsdag 12 april 2011


All right, remeber our city?

Well, we got ourselves some TNT, and well, the next pics dont really need any explanation.

All right, I bet you have 2 questions right now, first one being: WTF IS ALL THAT CAKE DOING THERE? Simple answer: we were bored.

Next question will probably be: why? Why oh mother of god why?. Well, me and my mates will be starting a new server, and since this server isn't going to be of use anymore we decided to blow it up :D

I will keep you guys posted on our next server (:

zaterdag 9 april 2011

MineCraft maze finished.

Click here for part 1

Allright, I took some time off today, and finished my maze. It was a real pain in the ass to build, but its finally finished. Woohoo, I finished a project!

Enjoy the pics (:

A big part of the maze

The wolves like little chideren. They also enjoy meat though.

Search long enough and you'll find some cake :D

donderdag 7 april 2011

MineCraft maze!

I don't really know how I should tell you guys, but yes, I've started another project. Again.

I wanted to do this fun thing for my friends so I decided to do an pretty sweet maze, here are some pics (:

The maze from the top view. Still needs a lot of work.

It also includes an underground maze!

Yeah.. I still need to make all these bushes higer -_-

dinsdag 5 april 2011

My floating island (still W.I.P. though)

Like I've said before in several blogs, I have this huge problem focussing on 1 project. So for today, I've decided to show you guys some other projects of mine.

Currently, I'm building this huge flying city inspired by bioshock 3. It's mostly W.I.P. though. Anyways, here are some pics. Enjoy!

The entrance to the city

On my way..

What I've got so far.

Tommorow I'll post some more pics (:

zondag 3 april 2011

How to do Pixel-Art in MineCraft

Yeah, instead of rambling about an random subject I will be doing a small tutorial today, which is actually very easy. I'm going to teach you guys how to Pixel-Art in MineCraft (just like the title said).

Anyways, here's what you need:
- A shit load of wool
- Dye's
- And 8-Bit picture (16 bit is also allowed but it's a lot harder)

Allright, for my tutorial I decided to use Mudkip today.

Now, we're going to take the sprite, and open it in paint. There we'll be drawing lines like so.

You can skip this step if you want, but it will make your art a lot easier.

Next off, start building it in MineCraft, while you'll be looking at your picture the whole time. Don't try to rush it, or you'll screw it up and fixing that takes even more time.

Well, that's it. See, that wasn't so hard was it?

Some tips:

start out with projects like this

After some practise you'll be able to build stuff like this

Happy building!

I hate snow. I really do.

Since the person who runs my server, still hasn't updated it yet, I can't play on my own trusted server. After some thinking, I started my own private world. And guess what.


I hate snow. I really do. And I have good reasons to hate snow. First off,  I live in the Netherlands. For people who don't know, it's an country filled with alcohol, weed and snow. A lot off, snow.

But that's not the only reason for my hatred towards snow. Snow is boring, it's annoying to look at, it's repetitive and it's an pain in the ass to get rid of it all.

I only thing I can do now, is hope, hope the server admin updates the server. Or start a new single player world of course.

vrijdag 1 april 2011

Beta 1.4 is out!

Like all of you minecrafters will have noticed by now, beta 1.4 was released 2 days ago.

There have been quite some features added, but the best one by far, is that they added wolfs!

... or dogs, I'm not quite sure yet.

The wolves just wander about a little, and you can turn them into a dog by giving them 2 bones. Which will make them tame, and they'll follow you around, helping you fighting zombies (not creepers though, appartenly even wolfes/dogs are afraid of green penises (something which I can relate to)) The best thing about them though, is that they do not despawn, which is great, because this means you can enjoy the company of your wolf/dog everyday.

Here's a little video of the wolfdog in action

See, this video calls them Dogs. I think they're more like catdog. Except the other part is a wolf, which makes them Wolfdogs. Or dogwolfs ofcourse, whichever you prefer

Some funny MineCraft pictures.

Yep, that's right, I couldn't be bothered to write a blog today, even though I should be writing about Beta 1.4.. Nah, screw it.

Since I'm lazy as hell, but still want to entertain my followers, here are some funny MineCraft pictures (: