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zaterdag 23 april 2011

Some awesome skins.

Bad news folks, since the new server still isn't up yet, and the old one hasn't been updated yet to the new version (1.5... I should write a blog about that!).

And for this exact reason I've decided to write different blog today, about skins. Yup, a blog with some great skins which you can use for your minecraft character. Enjoy!

A steampunk skin. Download it, use it, love it.

A lovely engineer skin

Mister creeper (:

I'm sorry I don't have any pics of the skins on the characters, but I really wanted to share this with you guys. I promise next time I'll show some pics (:

14 opmerkingen:

  1. love the 8bit colors in minecraft. You really need the skins on characters to get an idea of what it looks like.

  2. I might use these skins myself, the mister creeper looks promising... :)

  3. Cool skins, I hope to see them on characters one day :D

  4. nice engineer skin you got there

  5. Awesome, I might check out the steampunk skin, personally I like using a LEGO pirate skin.

  6. Hahaha, they came out kinda blurry huh? :)

    I'm currently using a Luigi one I found on the net - Love skinning in MC, so much out there as they're so easy to design in paint


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